Here’s the cover art for the new album, created by Delawer Omar Art.

The album will be named “Rebirth” and will feature the following songs:
01 – From Nothing…
02 – Perennial
03 – Rebirth
04 – Bleed For All
05 – Revoke
06 – Soaked In Ashes
07 – …To Nothing

It will be available in digital format only (mp3/wav and streaming)… (My current situation doesn’t allow me to print and ship CDs, Vinyl, or any other physical support…)
With “Rebirth” I tried to explore the simpler and catchy vein Colosso always had.
“Rebirth” will feature intense sections, mixed with clean vocals “chorus” (if you can call them so), but over all a simpler and more direct song structure.
“Rebirth” will be released on March 2018.