Soaked In Ashes


Here’s the premiere for the song “Soaked In Ashes”, from the upcoming album “Rebirth”, courtesy of Toilet Ov Hell!!

Song Premiere: “Soaked In Ashes” by Colosso

Rebirth will be released on 25 February 2018.

You can pre-order Rebirth here:
Colosso’s bandcamp cassette/CD/digital (
Lusitanian Music’s website – CD (
Escaravelho Records – cassette (

Best regards!

Rebirth on cassette tape

I’m proud to announce that “Rebirth” will also have a very limited physical version on cassette tape, released by Escaravelho Records!
Although the cassette tape format is nowadays somewhat of a “collectors-only-edition”, this is a format that is very special for me. It was the very first format I was able to support the artists I loved back when I started buying music.
Vinyl was too expensive, and I did not have a CD player back then, eheh 🙂
Anyway, act fast if you’re a cassette tape collector! This edition is limited to only 60 copies: 30 black and 30 red.

“Rebirth” releases on 25 February 2018.
You can pre-order your copy at Escaravelho Records’ store ( or at Colosso’s bandcamp (

Guest Drummer Announced For “Rebirth”


Today I have the pleasure to announce the guest drummer for Colosso’s upcoming album “Rebirth”: Emídio Alexandre (The Autist, ex-Shadowsphere)!

Emídio is a very talented musician, who has helped me composing “Rebirth” with his always intricate and interesting drum arrangements.
You guys will notice the drum level has not dropped a millimetre on “Rebirth”!
Soon you’ll be able to check it out…

“Rebirth” will drop on 25th February 2018, and you can pre-order your digital copy here.


New Album Announcement – Rebirth


Here’s the cover art for the new album, created by Delawer Omar Art.

The album will be named “Rebirth” and will feature the following songs:
01 – From Nothing…
02 – Perennial
03 – Rebirth
04 – Bleed For All
05 – Revoke
06 – Soaked In Ashes
07 – …To Nothing

It will be available in digital format only (mp3/wav and streaming)… (My current situation doesn’t allow me to print and ship CDs, Vinyl, or any other physical support…)
With “Rebirth” I tried to explore the simpler and catchy vein Colosso always had.
“Rebirth” will feature intense sections, mixed with clean vocals “chorus” (if you can call them so), but over all a simpler and more direct song structure.
“Rebirth” will be released on March 2018.


Colosso is a band no more…


Just a quick post to inform you that Colosso is a band no more… from now on, only a studio project.
I’d like to personally thank António Carvalho, Marcelo Aires, André Lourenço and André Macedo for their contribution and dedication to Colosso throughout the past 5 years.
I wish them all the best in their future projects! 🙂

The good news is that I have already a new, almost completed album for Colosso, which I’ll announce more details in a few days…
I’m really excited about this new record, since I honestly and humbly believe it has some of the best material I’ve written so far!

That’s all for now, friends!
Speak in a few days!