Heavy music for deep thoughts.

Colosso is a Progressive Death Metal band started as a solo project by Max Tomé in 2011 in Porto (Portugal), with the purpose of creating intense music with no specific genre boundaries or philosophies.

In early 2011, Max invited session musician Dirk Verbeuren (now Megadeth's drummer) to handle drum duties for the first album Abrasive Peace. All the other instruments and vocals would be handled by Max himself.

During the recording sessions of Abrasive Peace, Max sent an early demo of the album to his recent friend Marcelo Aires, asking what he thought of the music and if he would like to be part of the project.
Marcelo was a bit out of his comfort zone in the beginning, but due to Max's utter dedication and passion for his music, Marcelo accepted to join Colosso.
A few months latter, Marcelo would bring to Colosso his long time friend and fellow student André Lourenço as a bass player.

The chemistry of the trio was immense, but due to some unpredictable happenings the band was unable to perform live by the time Abrasive Peace was released (March 2012).
The band instead focused on working on their first EP Thallium, which would comprise 6 songs written prior to Abrasive Peace. Thallium would be released in October 2013.
Both Abrasive Peace and Thallium were well received by the metal community, but since the music was so different from one release to another, the reviewers were a bit intrigued.

During the recordings of the EP, António Carvalho was invited to play guitar in the band. Now live shows became a real possibility and the band focused on them for a whole year.
In mid 2014, Colosso releases the double single Foregone Semblances, which featured two songs left out of the Thallium EP.

But something was missing both on vocal and live performances, so André Macedo was invited to join the band as lead singer, giving a whole new dynamic to the vocal department as well as a better interaction with the audience live.

In late 2014, Max, António and Marcelo start working on new songs for the upcoming album. This time, the song writing effort would be divided mainly between these three members. The album first demo was finished by late December 2014.

The band took 2015 to perfect, record and produce the new album, Obnoxious. Max refers to Obnoxious as "the leap forward, after a step back in releases", since the music is more mature, refined and unique than on any other release the band has done until now.

Obnoxious releases on the 9th September 2016.

Line-up (L to R)

Max Tomé [guitar]
Marcelo Aires [drums]
André Lourenço [bass]
André Macedo [vocals]
António Carvalho [guitar]

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